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Boulevard Humaine takes as its starting point the piece Okho by Yannis Xenakis, a commissioned piece intended to celebrate 200 years since the French Revolution and written for a distinctively African instrumentation. Created for 3 female performers, it is a creative exploration of interculturalism and response through dance to Xenakis’ themes and rhythms, alongside notions of belonging and the core question of how we can be different together. Echoing the political tones of the music, the title Boulevard Humaine alludes on the ways humanity and various notions of its constitution are endorsed within specific boundaries. One only needs to remember that initially boulevard was a promenade taking the place of a demolished fortification, now planted with rows of trees, ‘… full with marks of the many names and the many stories hidden within them….’


Concept, Artistic Direction, Choreography: Zoi Dimitriou

Performance: Funmi Adewole, Natalia Baka, Zoi Dimitriou

Music: Okho by Yannis Xenakis, What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

Original Sound composition: Sam Hayden

Dramaturgy: Funmi Adewole, Zoi Dimitriou

Artistic Consultant: Yorgos Valais

Lighting Designer: Tasos Palaioroutas

Set and Costume Design: Dafni Aidoni

Communication: Eva Skrob 

Social Media: Social Wave Ath

Creative Producer: Steven Brett

Production Management: Goodheart Productions

Supported using public funding by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Arts Council of England. Supported by Dance Umbrella, Duncan Research Centre for Dance, The Hellenic Centre and TrinityLaban.


The Hellenic Centre, London

22 February 2024

Plyfa, Athens

27-30 December 2023

Studio Sessions, Dance Umbrella, London

14 October 2023

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