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"A scaffold supporting different surfaces on which we can project our desires, a series of open possibilities where the rules are made up in the exchanges between two performers, and the audience." - Zoi Dimitriou.


Inspired by Chris Marker's photographic science fiction film 'La Jetée', You May! is a dance theatre work that asks what it is to live in contemporary society, where the old paradigm of "you can, because you must" has been inverted to "you must, because you can". Using sound, set and lighting, this interdisciplinary piece offers the spectators propositions in the settings of imagination, desire and risk. Involving interactive stage elements for the performers to engage with and challenge each other within the realms of the environment that they have been implemented in.


Concept, Choreography, Artistic Direction: Zoi Dimitriou

Performers: Zoi Dimitriou, Andrew Graham

Composition: Andy Pink

Lighting Design: Chahine Yavroyan

Dramaturgy: Michael Pinchbeck

Set Design: Ingrid Hu

Costume Design: Holly Waddington

Production: Onassis Cultural Centre, Zoi Dimitriou Company


Commissioned by Onassis Cultural Centre and Laban Theatre. Funded by Arts Council of England. Supported by The Place, Arnolfini, Bristol Dance Consortium, British Council of Greece and the Duncan Research Centre for Dance.


Laban Theatre / London

17 July 2012 

Arnolfini / Bristol

22-23 June 2012 

The Place Theatre / London

12 June 2012 

The Onassis Cultural Centre / Athens 2023

24-27 May 2012 

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