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Boulevard Humaine

December 2023

Boulevard Humaine is a new dance work by Zoi Dimitriou for 3 performers evoking the music Okho by Iannis Xenakis with additional counterpoint pieces by composer Sam Hayden.  Created online and in person in Greece and the UK Boulevard Humaine is a creative exploration of and response through dance to Xenakis’ themes and rhythms, alongside themes of interculturalism, belonging and the core question of how can we be different together.

Supported using public funding by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Arts Council of England. Supported by Dance Umbrella, Duncan Research Centre for Dance, The Hellenic Centre and TrinityLaban.

22 February 2024, The Hellenic Centre, London

27-30 December 2023, Plyfa, Athens

14 October 2023, Studio Sessions, Dance Umbrella, London

Permanent Collection

21st June 2022

Permanent Collection is a site-specific durational performance, for dancers of different ages that took place at the courtyard of the Duncan House in Athens on the Summer Solstice of 2022. The 24hour performance was part of  the Moving Ground Project, which is an initiative inspired and produced by the Duncan Dance Research Centre and supported by EDN (European Dancehouse Network) with the aim of bringing together artistic work, workshops and research projects all inspired by Permaculture Design Principles. 


During the 21st of June for each hour of the day, a performer would activate a 10 minute solo, inspired by the 12 design principles, holding as its context and reference the eucalyptus tree standing alone and tall at the edge of the courtyard.

The performers ages spanned from 9 to 79 years of age. The Duncan Centre for that whole day, remained open and offered for both participants and audience alike the possibility to co-habit the space and experience the 24hour event together offering both sleeping capability and catering.  The aim was to cultivate a sense of community, communicability and sharing not only of the performative event but of the experience of Living, Labouring, Sharing and Celebrating together.

Concept/Choreographic Score: Zoi Dimitriou

Movement Direction: Katerina Bella

Performers: Eleftheria Agapaki, Nina Alkalai, Nikos Vlachogiannis, Magda Gerosideri, Dirfi Giatzouzaki Grigoriou, Zoi Dimitriou, Vera Karavakou, Martha Kotsia, Zoi Mastrotheodorou, Katerina Bella, Elton Petri, Zoi Petridi, Elli Sachini, Anastasia Xrisanthi Psalti.

Commissioned by The Moving Ground Project, Duncan Dance Research Centre, Greek Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Vironas.

Practitioner & Researcher - SYNASKI


A multi-collective program focusing on the application of somatics in the practice of dance, education, artistic research and making.

SYNASKI invites teachers of different disciplines and introduces a number of somatic techniques through a series of intensive practical workshops, improvisation sessions and online discussions. The program culminates in a forum open to the public at the end of each year at the Duncan Dance Research Center in Athens.

Funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture. Supported by Duncan Dance Research Centre Athens.

Currated by Georgia Paizi &

Acamedia Project

September 2021-April 2022

A project originating from a core team of academics and choreographers to jointly research and propose actions involving the wider dance community, concerning in the field of dance in Greece the lack of an academic framework, its implications (in the field in general and in artistic production in particular) and the ways in which complementary actions could be developed beyond this gap. The research aims to explore these questions through a platform for meeting and exchanging theory and practice outside the university, and at the same time constitutes an action-proposal to the very question it raises.

Team of researchers/artists: Kate Adamas, Zoi Dimitriou, Medie Megas, Elpida Rikou, Stergiani Tsintziloni.

Funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

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