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Commissioned and produced by Sadler's Wells, The Place and Company of Angels, this new work for 8-10 year old audiences and their families explores the rich imaginative world of children's games. In another galaxy… Inside your computer… Beyond the stars… Deep within your hard drive, little creatures are starting to evolve. From the water they climb, discovering the land, building towers into the sky and rockets to the moons. They're coming to play their games… Little Creatures took as a starting point the exploration of games as these manifest both in imaginative play and the hi-tech world of cyberspace.


Concept, Artistic Direction: Zoi Dimitriou

Choreography: Zoi Dimitriou and performers

Performers: Christopher Brown, Anne Claire Mary, Sophie Robinson, Jenny Reeves, Eithne Kane, Mathew O'Hare, Anne Marie Kristensen, Naoko Yamakawa.

Sound and Original Composition: Jamie McCarthy

Lighting Design: Jackie Shemesh

Costume and Set Design: Holly Waddington

Dramaturgy: Jenny Worton


Commissioned and Produced by Sadler's Wells, The Place and Company of Angels, 2011


Sadler's Wells / London

25 February 2011

The Place / London

23 February 2011

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