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In the Process of… is a beautifully crafted duet in which a man and a woman negotiate a series of endings, rather than a single unfolding narrative leading to one inevitable finale. 

Looking at composition as process, Dimitriou attempts to bring together the highly rational with the irrational in a freely moving continuity and to weight the quality of the human body toward that of objects, words/language, sound and light. Manipulating movement parameters and playing with the central myth of the 'quest' underlying the basic archetypical themes, a play of two emerges as a series of short intermezzos to a story never told. 60 wooden hoops dramatically help and hinder the couple's relationship on stage - and even at times become the sole protagonists. 'In The Process of…' draws upon Conlon Nancarrow's compositional structures and studies into the effect of film figure movement and genre recognition.


Concept, Choreography, Artistic Direction: Zoi Dimitriou

Performers (original cast): Zoi Dimitriou, Jos Baker, Ben McEwen, Chris Dugrenier & Bennie Pohlig

Performers (on tour): Zoi Dimitriou, Stephen Moynihan, Ben McEwen, Rachel Graham & Maisie Whitehead, Angeliki Dalangeli, Marianna Karava, Julian Bulku.

Lighting Design: Gregor Knüppel

Sound Design: Ryan West

Costume: Sayako Kaibuchi

Dramaturgical Support: Tania Batzoglou

Technical Manager: Chiara Zecchi

Production: Zoi Dimitriou Company


Made at The Place, a Place Commission supported by The Columbia Foundation of the Capital Community Foundation. Commissioned by Laban Theatre. Supported by the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund 09, Arts Council England, Hellenic National Centre of Theatre & Dance (Ministry of Culture) and the Duncan Research Centre for Dance.


Teatri di Vita / Bologna

29 July 2012 

BE Festival / Birmingham

6 July 2011

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation / Athens

14-16 April 2011

Laban Theatre / London

19-20 July 2010

16th Kalamata International Dance Festival / Kalamata

16-17 July 2010

Dance & Spectacle / The Place / London

10 July 2010

Something Happening / The Place / London

16 May 2010

Springloaded / The Place / London

5-6 May 2010

Dance Diary / Michaelis Theatre / Roehampton

20 January 2010

Duncan Dance Research Centre / Athens

31 October 2009

Laban Studio Theatre / London

3 October 2009

Touch Wood / The Place / London

12 September 2009 

Choreoroam / The Place / London

19 December 2008 

Choreoroam / Operaestate Festival Veneto / Bassano del Grappa

25 August 2008

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