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A new duet examining how mythology is constructed, deconstructed and reinvented around issues of female identity within today's society. Drawing upon existing myths and contemporary fiction, Zoi Dimitriou opens the discourse around the notion of womanhood, femininity and the divine and looks at how facts of the mind are made manifest in a fiction of matter. Alternating irony with nostalgia, Dimitriou poses the question where are the goddesses now and what have they been doing all this time? Joined by Juliette Barton (Diversions, Russell Maliphant Dance Company), the duet consists of dance, text and sound to lay bare some of the multiple fictions cast upon the notion of 'woman' as both dancers re-imagine what it is to be female.


Concept, Choreography, Artistic Direction: Zoi Dimitriou

Performers: Zoi Dimitriou, Juliette Barton, Sally Marie (vocals)

Lighting Design: Michael Mannion

Sound design, Original Composition: Reynaldo Young

Costume: Sayako Kaibuchi

Production: Zoi Dimitriou Company


A Place Commission supported by The Robin Howard Foundation Award. Supported by Laban Theatre and The Athens Epidaurus Festival.


Laban Theatre / London

15 July 2008

Athens Epidaurus Festival / Athens

7 July 2008

Springloaded / The Place / London

6-7 May 2008

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