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Strongly influenced by the Eastern musical modes and the philosophy attached to those, this piece unravels the story of one whose life becomes a constant striving towards a place of freedom and rest. Driven by the need to protest against any form of repression of individual freedom, she finds uncanny ways of existing in order to survive her solitude and longing. The story unfolds through clever and touching interactions invoked in the play of music, text and movement, where one loses the thread of cause and effect and can no longer distinguish between that which appears to be and that which actually is.


Concept, Choreography, Artistic Direction: Zoi Dimitriou

Performers: Zoi Dimitriou

Lighting Design: Michael Mannion

Music: Ardeshir Kamkar, Hussein Zahawy, Matthaios Tsahourides

Sound Editing: Ronan Kozokaro

Dramaturgy/Text: Zoi Dimitriou

Costume: Sayako Kaibuchi

Production: Zoi Dimitriou Company


A Place Commission supported by The Robin Howard Foundation Award. Supported by Laban Theatre. Originally presented as work in progress during the first Touch Wood season at The Place.


Teatri di Vita / Bologna

29 July 2012 

9th Dance Festival of Greek Choreographers / Athens

25-26 June 2010

Dance Diary / Michaelis Theatre / Roehampton

20 January 2010

Athens System / Athens

28 November 2009

Milano Incontra La Grecia Festival / Piccolo Teatro / Milan

15 January 2009

Laban Theatre / London

15 July 2008

Springloaded / The Place / London

6-7 May 2008

Touch Wood / The Place / London

11 & 13 September 2007

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