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Through sampling technologies and digital techniques, the smallest gesture can assume a life of its own and become the basis for the constant re-birth of new iterations and reverberations. “Funky Turn and/or Legally Live” is a dance performance piece that adopts a media epistemology and supports the view that the artwork in the era of technical reproduction cannot escape the technological sovereignty that determines its aesthetic dimension. What is the place of origin and how can we—if at all—keep track of its many travels and echoes in the future?
Tracing a genealogy of movement material inspired by dance/pop culture and using appropriation techniques, Dimitriou attempts to bring some of these images to life with a technologically inspired vocabulary of movement and explore how their gestures can be further charged semiotically and expressively. Within the fast changing pace of our world’s virtual realities, Dimitriou is interested in slowing down and persistently amplifying the detail – a course that speaks of the desire for a return to a perhaps lost future.



Concept / Choreography / Artistic Direction: Zoi Dimitriou
Dramaturgy / Text: Zoi Dimitriou
Performer: Zoi Dimitriou
Composition and Sound Design: Sam Hayden
Set Design: Maro Michalakakos, Ilektra Stampoulou
Costumes: Ilektra Stampoulou, Zoi Dimitriou
Lighting Design: Tasos Palaioroutas
Graphic Design Supervision / Video: Marilena Aligizaki
Producer: Rena Andreadaki

Special thanks to: Alexia Beziki, Voltnoi Brege, Sakis Bwana, Dimitris Exarchos, Joe Kelleher, Nicholas Minns, Paddy Randal, Serena Ruth, Peter Von Salis, Simone Sistarelli, Yorgos Valais, Jacopo Zecchi.

“Funky Turn and/or Legally Live” is funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. Supported by Kinitiras and Trinity Laban.


14th Arc for Dance Festival, online edition, Athens
28-2 June 2021
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