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Dimitriou's poignant and humorous solo Can you see me? unravels the complex relationships that lead to solidarity and allegiance between performer and audience in theatre performance. In a dazzling interplay of movement, text and new media, she makes the audience complicit and lures them into re-examining the act of seeing and being seen at the heart of perception or misperception of self. At the centre of the work is a reinvestigation of language and memory, emptied and reconstructed in the mirrors of repetition that dissolve the past into a here and now. Can you see me? was created in the course of investigating the workings of memory and fantasy as a way of exploring how the individual creates their own sense of time. The research was greatly influenced by the work of Jacques Lacan, a psychoanalyst who has emphasized the role of visual identification in human subjectivity. The piece deals with the notion of visual perception and its importance for the significance and meaning we ascribe to time passing, where memory and fantasy play an immutable role in our everyday reality.


Concept, Choreography, Artistic Direction: Zoi Dimitriou

Performers: Zoi Dimitriou

Lighting Design: Gregor Knüppel

Music: Manfred Mann, Barbra Streisand

Dramaturgy/Text: Zoi Dimitriou

Production: Zoi Dimitriou Company


Supported by the Laban Centre.


Europe in Motion Festival / Bucharest

24 March 2009

Springloaded / The Place / London

4-5 May 2007

Dance Diary / Michaelis Theatre / Roehampton

29 November 2006

Laban Theatre / London

21 November 2006

Something Big / ROH2 / London

28-29 July 2007

12th Kalamata International Dance Festival / Kalamata 

18-19 July 2006

Laban Theatre / London

21 September 2005

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