Zoi Dimitriou

Zoi Dimitriou founded her company in 2006 in London. The main focus of the company is the exploration of contemporary artistic expression with the art of dance being the principal medium. This exploration revolves around the negotiation of movement, text, sound, new media, light and set as a prerequisite for the development of a new language for dance and theater.

The choreography is characterised by a pared-down, minimalist style of dance-theatre performance with a devoted attention to detail. Themes running through the work rotate around questions of subjectivity formation, visual identification, presentation-representation, the actualisation of various concepts-treatments of time and the examination of myth and its concurrent archetypical themes.

Works of the company include the soli Can You See Me? (2006), Dromi (2008), and Peregrinus (2015), the duets Goddesses in Exile (2008), You May! (2012) and The Chapter House (2014) and group works In The Process of… (2009 work in progress) and (2010 full-evening), Side Effects (2015) and Coordination and Navigation of Heterogeneous Humans Stabilised under a Visual Relative Localization (2016). These works have been featured in internationally renowned venues and festivals such as: The Laban Theatre, The Place, ROH2, Arnolfini, BE Festival, The Athens Festival, The Kalamata International Dance Festival, Operaestate Festival Veneto, Scala di Milano, Europe in Motion Festival among others, and have brought the choreographer major UK choreography awards like the Robin Howard Foundation Award 2008, the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund Award 2009, the CfC Award 2010 (Choreography for Children) and participation in the European Network Aerowaves.

Zoi Dimitriou has received commissions from the Onassis Cultural Centre, the Greek National Ballet Company, the Athens Festival, Sadlers Well's, Company of Angels, The Laban Theatre, The Place, London Contemporary Dance School, Trinity-Laban, Dance Digital, Shift Company, Transitions Dance Company, Focus Company, and is supported by Arts Council England and the Hellenic National Centre of Theatre & Dance.