Zoi Dimitriou

Zoi Dimitriou is a conceptual artist, dancer and choreographer. She launched her artistic career in 2006 with headquarters both in London and Athens. The main aspiration of her work is the exploration of contemporary artistic practice with movement being the organising principal. Her work is invested in inter-disciplinary methodologies and in promoting forms of collaboration that are responsive to the environment and to the conditions of production.

Works include among others: Can You See Me? (2006), Dromi (2007), Limen (2007), Goddesses In Exile (2008), In The Process Of (2009 short version & 2010 full-evening length), Little Creatures (2011), You May! (2012), The Chapter House (2014), Side Effects (2015), Peregrinus (2017), Vanishing Points (2018), and When Pillars Evaporate (2019).

These works have been featured in internationally renowned venues and festivals such as: Fast Forward Festival 4/Onassis Cultural Centre, ROH2, Arnolfini, BE Festival, Lilyan Baylis, The Athens and Epidaurus Festival, The Kalamata International Dance Festival, Operaestate Festival Veneto, Scala di Milano, Europe in Motion Festival, Springloaded/The Place among others, and have brought the choreographer major UK choreography awards like the Robin Howard Foundation Award 2008, the Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund Award 2009, the CfC Award 2010 (Choreography for Children) and participation in the European Network Aerowaves.

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