Zoi Dimitriou


Workshops & Professional Classes

"The dance practice I am deeply involved in holds values that are fundamental and timely; namely readiness, openness, curiosity, embracing individual enquiry, working co operatively to find solutions, creating situations where learning can happen, embracing uncertainty, ambiguity and specificity, and 'tuning' ones 'skills of attention'…"

The series of classes are strongly influenced by the work of Irmgard Bartenieff, Susan Klein, and F.M. Alexander. They begin simply by focusing on our skeletal structure and breath to access the power of the deeper supporting muscles of the body. Concepts and aspects of the body are introduced through pictorial and metaphoric imagery and partner work exploration. Central themes are the skeletal system, handling of weight, the perceptions and the ordination/co-ordination.

Through the experiential knowledge of movement principles, patterning connections in the body and by obtaining an alert and heightened sensory awareness, the work develops into complex movement phrases of high precision and clarity that energize the dancer's directional use of energy throughout the body.

This method of training centers on kinesthetics rather than aesthetics, in order to re-discover how we move, are moved and how we can develop the capacity for decision making in relation to learned movement material. In brief it is for those who desire movement that has clear intention, is energetically releasing and reveals a deeply connected sense of mind and body.


The compositional classes/workshops focus on subjects such as space/time/theatre/voice and the ability to have a refined awareness and intention when making instantaneous choices.

Through scoring and formal devices we set up a context in which we can devise and appropriate material before proceeding in any other manipulations and dramatic configurations, that can give freedom for the performer to play.

This allows for an in depth look of what is made both by ourselves and others, especially when in group configurations. In this way one is not merely left at the mercy of one's own subjectivity, but having the complementary power of objectivity, one can reduce the nature of compositions from the merely 'personal' and lacking to the 'universal'. Workshops on creative methodologies of specific company works are offered upon request.

Laboratory in Fundamental Principles of Movement

As human beings we want to be fully present, embodied, as we live our lives. We want to communicate who we are and what we stand for in action, so that our message reaches out to others. As we move, whether in dance, theatre, sports or simply in being with others, we want to connect. In order to do this we need to find means to connect inwardly, both to what we want to say and to how all pars of the body relate to each other to support our statement and purpose. To do this, we need to know something about the fundamental nature of making connections. This ability to make connections, to create relationships, is a skill which begins 'at home', within our own bodies, before it ripples outwardly into the environment and others.

In this workshop Zoi Dimitriou will introduce Fundamental Principles of Movement inspired by the work of Irmgard Bartenieff and use improvisation and scores to explore them further in the context of dance and within a group situation. Bartennief Fundamentals is an approach to basic body training that deals with patterning connections in the body according to principles of efficient movement functioning within a context which encourages personal expression and full psychological involvement.